Belief and respect for elders in Sambo Prei Kuk In ancient times, the Khmer were influenced by Indian religions such as Brahmanism and Buddhism. At the same time, respect for the original animated beliefs, such as the worship of demons in the mountains, rivers, canals, valleys, streams, etc., in the area of Sambor Prei Kuk temple, there is also the obedience of many elders. In particular, Neak Ta Sambo shows the ancient tradition with a close relationship with the temple, as noted in the work of the ascension and plowing ceremony.

The annual plowing ceremony is held in the month of Pisak to get a good agricultural crop during the growing season and to ask for peace, to avoid various natural incidents to the villagers, especially children.

Every year, the Ascension Ceremony is held for 4 days in May to ask for happiness and to avoid various diseases, both human and animal in the village.



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