The Sen Krong Pali opens excavation site for Khnach Toul Site

National Authority for Sambor Prei Kuk held a ceremony to open the excavation site of Prasat Khnach Toul

On the afternoon of Monday, March 14, 2022, NASPK held a groundbreaking ceremony for the excavation site of the Khnach Toul temple site located in the city wall under the presidency. His Excellency Phann Nady, Director General of NASPK, and many other civil servants of NASPK. The project will be implemented by the Department of Archeology and Conservation. In 2022, the Department of Archeology and Conservation has been continuing:

1-Renovation of the central tower of Lion Temple (C1), Phase 2

2- Renovation of Yeay Poan Temple (S1) Phase 2

3-Repairing the inner gate of the southern part of Yeay Poan Temple Group (S4)

4- Repaired by towers Z1 and Z3, Trapeang Ropak temple group.