Deputy Director General



Deputy Director Generalfor National Authorithy of Sambor Prei Kuk,


Cambodian; Born: 27 July 1975 at Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Mobile phone: (855)12 949 824



Deputy Director General for National Authorithy of Sambor Prei Kuk, Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts: #227, Preah Norodom St., Tonle Basak, Chamkarmon, Phnom Penh.

Tel & Fax: (855-23) 218 14


1999          : B.A Archaeology, Royal University of Fine Arts, Faculty of Archaeology, Phnom Penh.


 -          French-Cambodia Prehistoric Mission (dir. Pr. Hubert Forestier & Mr. Heng Sophady) a Khmer-French Prehistoric Research Project to re-excavate at Laang Spean prehistoric site (Battambang, N-W Cambodia).

 -   Rock art research Project, APSARA Authority

 -   Living Angkor Road Project, A Khmer-Thai Joint Research Project, A Study on Ancient Royal Road from Angkor to neighboring

 -   Cultural Studies: Intangible Heritage Mapping Project, APSARA Authority

 -   Excavation at Kok Treas: Iron Age cemetery, north-west of Cambodia 

 -   Coordinator member of APSARA Authority, EFEO and University of Sydney, Pre-Angkor Habitation in the Angkor area, Siem Reap province

 -   Red Soil Circular Prehistoric Sites Research Project, Eastern Provinces, Cambodia.

 -   Prehistoric Sites mapping on the Northwestern provinces, Cambodia.  

 -   Inscription Research Project, APSARA Authority and EFEO. 


Stone tool analysis, lithic technology and typology, field archaeology and experimentation, Ancient and Recent Paleolithic, cave site occupation, Hoabinhian-Hunter-gatherer period in Southeast Asia.


-   Sophady H., Phalla S., Kamsan H., Heng T., 2017 - History of Tbong Khmom Province.

 -   Sophady H., Heng T., 2015 - Ancestor of the Khmer Empire, booklet of the Banteay Menchy provincial Museum, 2015.

 -   Forestier H., Sophady H., Puaud S., Celiberti V., Frère S., Zeitoun V., Mourer-Chauviré C., Mourer R., Heng T., Billault L., 2015 - The Hoabinhian from Laang Spean Cave in its stratigraphic, chronological, typo-technological and environmental context (Cambodia, Battambang province). Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 3, p. 194-206 .

 -  Sophady H., Forestier H., Zeitoun V., Puaud S., Frère S., Celiberti V., Westaway K., Mourer R., Mourer-Chauviré C., Heng T., Billault L., Tech S., (in press 2015) - Laang Spean cave (Battambang province): a tale of occupation in Cambodia from the Late Upper Pleistocene to Holocene. Quaternary International.

 -       Heng T., 2014 - The Global implications of the early surviving rock art of greater southeast Asia. Antiquity, Vol. 88: 1050-1064.

 -       Heng T., 2014 - Prehistoric site in Cambodia. Phnom Penh.

 -       Heng T., 2013 - Inscription of Angkor Wat; Ancient, Middle and Modern period. Phnom Penh/Siem Reap.

 -       Heng T., 2011 - Kulen Mountain Rock Art: Anitial Assessment. SPAFA Journal, Vol. 21, No. 2.

 -       Heng T., 2007 - Phum Kol: First Archaeological findings. UDAYA, Journal of Khmer Studies, n°8.  (in Khmer with abstract in English and French).

 -       Heng T., 2004 - Kos Ta Méas, un site Préhistorique dans le Baray Occidental. Rapport préliminaire.  Udaya, Journal of Khmere Study, n°5.

 -       Albrecht G., Haidle M.-N., Chhor S., Heang L., Sophady H., Heng T., Mao P., Sirik K., Som S., Thuy S., Vin L., 2001 - Circular Earthwork Krek 52/62: Recent Research on the Prehistory of Cambodia”, Asian perspective, Vol.39, 1-2: 20-46.


-       2011: “Certificate of the Rock Art Studies in the Southeast Asia”, the Training/ workshop on the introduction to Prehistoric Rock Art Studies in Southeast Asia, SPAFA, Thailand.

-       2000: “Certificate of the World Cultural Management”, SPAFA, Thailand.

-       1999: “Certificate of Cultural Management”, APSARA Authority, UNESCO, SPAFA, EFEO and ICCROM Training of Cultural Management and Tourism Sites Management, Siem Reap-Angkor.

-       1994-99: A scholarship from the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts, Government of Cambodia for Bachelor of Arts at Faculty of Archaeology, Royal University of Fine Arts, Phnom Penh.

-       1990-93: A scholarship from the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, Government of Cambodia for High School Diploma in Mathematics at Bengtrabek High School, Phnom Penh.

-       1987-90: A scholarship from the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, Government of Cambodia for Junior High School Diploma in Mathematics at Bondos Vichea School, Phnom Penh.


-       French: Working Knowledge

-       English: good


 -     H. E Phann Nady

Director General for Sambor Prei Kuk, Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts

Phone: (855) 12 882 368


-   Mr. HENG Sophady

General Department of Cultural Heritage, Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts

Phone: (855)92 997 166


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